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Wire Stripping Machine 3F 2H-3F-P

Usage: Cable Wire peeling/stripping
Type : Semi-automatic

Product Detail

3F Vertical pneumatic wire stripping machine


1. This model is used for stripping wires, such as computer wire, shielded wire, telephone wire, flexible flat wire etc., applicable for AWG#18 ~ #32;

2. Pneumatic control, improved aircraft design, advanced;

3. The distance between the cutter and the clamp base is short, which makes the computer core line or special short line easy to operate without scalding or clamping;

3. Special structure is fast, all kinds of wires can be semi stripped, full stripped and easy to adjust;

4. Double knife design, tangent peeling, and single cutter can be used when the cutter is removed. 

Technical Parameters:




Wire stripping

Applicable wire range

0.1-2.5mm2 (AWG#13~AWG#28)

Max. length of Stripping


Min. length of Stripping


Air pressure:



220V/110V; 50Hz/60Hz

Machine size

280L x 200W x 280H(MM)





Port of Loading

Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

Lead Time

2-5 working days after deposit received

Wire Stripping Machine 3F 2H-3F-P

Wire Stripping Machine 3F 2H-3F-P

Machine Parts

Name: Adjusting Cylinder

Wire Stripping Machine 3F 2H-3F-P

Feature: Adjust the machine to process the wire with various diameters length of wire stripping accordingly adjusted, complete the wire harness processing requirement.


Machine Parts

Name: Wire stripping part

Wire Stripping Machine 3F 2H-3F-P

Feature: Through the way of upper and lower two pieces of flat blades clamping to process, when two pieces of blades clamped the wire then start to strip.


Machine Parts

Name: Foot Switch

Wire Stripping Machine 3F 2H-3F-P

Feature: Used to control the processing for wire harness stripping.


Machine Parts

Name: Air pressure meter

Wire Stripping Machine 3F 2H-3F-P

Feature: Record and display the air-pressure numeric when processing.


Optional External Devices

Wire Stripping Machine 3F 2H-3F-P


Q: Is Hezhiheng a manufacturer?

 A: Yes, Hezhiheng is a manufacture located in Dongguan, Guangdong province. Our engineer team has more than 10 years experience in the realm of wire harness processing equipment.


Q: Why customer choose your company? 

A: We can provide high quality products / competitive price / quick delivery / prompt and best service.


Q: Why Hezhiheng can provide competitive price?

A: We are a manufacturer, not a agent or a Intermediate Trader. Customer can get more benefit without the middleman.


Q: Can you produce according to the samples?

A: Yes, we can produce as per your sample or your technic drawings.

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